About Us

Who we are

IAPEL is a family owned business founded in 1974 by Serafín Gonzalez and in managed by him along with his four sons at the present time.


We are committed to achieving the highest quality in every step of the production process. IAPEL only uses ISO 9002 certified aluminum alloy for its pistons. We have established quality control procedures form forging to packaging. All the operations that require a millesimal accuracy are processed in a 20ºC degree controlled environment, so we can accomplish the highest quality requests of our customers.


Development never ends. This is our philosophy. What it works fine today must work even better tomorrow. We have the highest technology for 3D design. Our own molding development department satisfies the most demanding needs in order to undertake every new challenge.

Our Factory

We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We count with all the required equipment for the production of high performance forged pistons:

- Our own molding department.
- Two forging machines of 500 and 700 Tn each.
- Heat treatment facilities which assures homogeneous hardness of all pieces.
- Machining department fully equipped with CNC machines Takisawa TPS non-circular machining technology which allow us to achieve the most complex and accurate piston skirt shape.
- Our own laboratory dedicated to perform metrology and material testing.